Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crafts and menus

So, when I cut the blocks out for the Countdown Blocks, I let the employee cutting them, cut the entire post. So I had a ton of blocks left over, not really left over, cuz I already had ideas for those "extra blocks" - I wanted to make some seasonal word blocks found at Naptime Crafts. And I have paint left over from my awesome front wall (not decorated yet, so no pictures yet...Hopefully SOON!!) so I loaded up my paint, 2 sets of blocks and my Cricut stuff, and headed over to Heather's. Last weekend we were Deer-Widows. Our boys were out hunting the Utah Frontier, somewhere. So we hung out all weekend, and it was freaking awesome! I painted my blocks green, Heather painter her's the burnt orange of her front room. We picked a font that was creepy (for Halloween) but nice looking (for Easter and Christmas). I think the blocks turned out awesome.

Plus with that little owl on top, it just looks cool.

I decorated for Halloween, cuz it's my FAVORITE holiday ever!!

Too bad this year's Halloween has been taken over by Christmas (yes already!) cuz it has taken over at work, and I can't get away from the glitter and the oranaments and the stockings... But I decorated pretty good this year, considering we aren't even going to be at the house tonight. We're heading over to Steve & Heather's for a Halloween party. I'll get pictures of that too. (Oh, and don't worry, those aren't REAL knives, they are just stickers I found at the Dollar Tree! Awesome, right?!)

Next, my menus! So pretty sure, I'm already a week into this 2 week shift! Sorry, things have been crazy with work, cleaning and getting the Halloween party ready!

M 10-25 ------ Beefy Nacho Cresant Bake
T 10-26 ------- Chicken Cacciatore
W 10-27 ------ Last Minute Teriyaki
TH 10-28 ----- Teriyaki Turkey Lettuce Wraps
F 10-29 ------- Finger food party at the Smitty's
S 10-30 ------- Chili at Halloween Party
SU 10-31 ----- Leftovers & football
M 11-1 ------- Beef potpie wedges
T 11-2 -------- Cancun Chicken wraps
W 11-3 ------- Pasta w/ cream sauce
TH 11-4 ------ Tuna fish Sandwiches
F 11-5 -------- Spaghetti
S 11-6 -------- Soup
SU 11-7 ------ Football

Ok, so Tuesday was a bust, pretty sure I broke down and cooked our pizza cuz I did NOT feel good at all... Which sucks cuz I LOVE Chicken Cattiatore!! Just going to put it in my rotation for this next week, maybe bump soup out or something....

If you want any of these recipes, just ask and I'll share them. All my recipes are easy, and take less than a half hour to make, I get home around 9, cook dinner and then Shark and I watch a Chuck episode. Quick and easy!

Last night we went over to the Smitty's to hang out, I made Jalapeno Bites. They turned out pretty good, next time I'm adding more Jalapenos to the batch, not enough cream cheese/pepper ratio!!

So this next week at work, I've got a 40 hour load, but I'll find sometime to clean my house, and get cracking on those Christmas gifts (I know what month it is!)

OH! In other great news, Shark got promoted at work. Ok, so he took advantage of the situation and stepped up. He is one of the newest delivery driver's down in Salt Lake. We're pretty excited cuz that also means a raise! Plus, his work has *awesome* insurance and tuition reimbursement! Sweet!!

Love to those who love Halloween, even if it's just for the candy! ♥

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