Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Different kind of crafting

Ok, I've been avoiding Blogger, posting anything, calling anyone, or even being on Facebook. I've been acting like I have nothing to say, like nothing is happening.... When really, I have so much I have to tell you!! I have had a secret for a little over a week, and it kills me to not say anything. Seriously, it kills me! I hate having secrets kept from me, but I hate keeping secrets more!! Trust me!
I have been avoiding Blogger because I feel I can't keep it in anymore!

Shark and I are going to have a baby!

I started the glucophage in February hopefully to get my cycles going again, get my hormone levels back up. Well, I guess it started to get things going again, and then we ended up pregnant! We couldn't be more excited! But since the doctor's don't know when my last cycle was (I think it was December...) they just kinda guessed. They think I am about 7 weeks, maybe. We're not really sure. And it's too early to measure the little rice bean, so yeah... They haven't given me a due date yet cuz we're just really guessing.

I've got plans in my head of things we want, how I want the nursery to look like. What I have to do to clean it out, and where everything is going to go. I posted the news on facebook a little while ago, yeah everybody is pretty excited, but not as much as Shark and I are!

Now, to make more pizza!! ♥