Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So Shark and I egged people last night. It was pretty dang fun.

I made some cookies yesterday. I made my Sugar Cookies, and my basic buttercream. But then, just for kicks, I put a yellow chocolate flavored melt-disc somewhere on the cookie, to make them look like eggs!!

I put the eggs on plates, and got those ready for delivery.

I had a whole bunch of plastic eggs left from my egg wreath (and my announcement to my parents!) and put jelly beans in them. I taped the eggs shut since the dollar store eggs don't always close securely.

Then last night, after we were done hanging out with Shark's mom, we terrorized the neighborhood. Actually, we terrorized quite a few neighborhoods. None of our friends live close to each other!

But, it was pretty fun to put the plates of cookies and the little plastic eggs on their porches. I'm not being as sneaky as I was when I Heart Attacked some of our friends. First of all, this idea is way cute! And it was lots of fun!

So, yes, it was us. And yes, we are just that sneaky.... Muahahahhaahhahaha!

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