Monday, April 18, 2011

not really cravings...

So, today, Shark and I were talking. And I interupted myself and said, "Ooh, I could really go for a KFC bowl, with the mashed potatoes, corn, chicken and gravy... mmmhhmm.."

And Shark replied with, "I don't think you're having cravings, cuz your just listing off things you already like."

I thought about it.

And it's true.

I haven't been craving anything I don't already like (pizza, steak, buffalo wings, pizza, mashed potatoes, pizza, and salad) but it just seems that lately, I want it all. All the time.

It could just be that, yes, I am pregnant. Or it could be, that being pregnant is my excuse for eating whatever I want, whenever I want. Yeah I think the 2nd one is right. (I'm pretty sure I've already gained 10 pounds, which is almost impossible for me normally....)

Shark is convinced we're having boy cuz of things I want to eat.

But aside from being either 1) starving or 2) so full I'm about to expode, ALL THE TIME, I feel pretty good. I haven't been throwing up or anything. But it is just 1 or 2. No medium, no "Oh, I just feel good..." It's either FEED ME or ROLL ME OVER!

I've been trying to stick to the pregnancy diet in my What to Expect When You're Expecting book, it's hard cuz I don't usually have 3 full servings of green leafy vegetables in my house as any given time. Plus, if I leave bananas on the counter, my dog eats them. Weirdo.

But I have been so good about drinking water lately. I have to get up in the middle of the night EVERY NIGHT. And I try to eat a bowl of cereal or a sandwich or something every morning. {If I don't eat something in the mornings, I buy junk food from work, and junk food makes me feel like a punk and get fat.}

I'm hoping it stops snowing {that's all I want, is it to stop snowing!} so I can take the Weirdo dog for a walk every now and then. I have some books on the iPod that I can just plug in and go. So, please, stop snowing.

That's the run down of it all lately. The days are going to slow. It's kinda awful. ♥

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I'm just glad you aren't puking like crazy! I can't believe your dog eats bananas. Don't worry too much about the "What to Expect" book it's a little over zealous. You'll be fine. After all I didn't eat anything and my kids were fine. Just enjoy eating whatever :-)