Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not a Jimmer

Ok, sorry to dissapoint the entire state, but not all children born in 2011 will have the name Jimmer. Not going to happen, and if it has to stop with me, oh well. I'm not crazy with Jimmer-Fever, so it's not even an option. We joke about it, but it is far far FAR from being serious. Now Aaron Rodgers.... That's a name I could consider...

My brain is alreayd all wrapped up in baby stuff. What we need, how I want the room to look, the theme, what I could make, where to get the best deals. I woke up this morning thinking about the nursery, and how I am going to get the stripes *just right* and I had to go talk to Shark about it. I also have all kinds of ambition to clean the house and get organized. But where am I? Blogging. See how far my ambition took me? Up to my craft room to stare at my computer and all my stuff. Yeah... Although I do have a list of things to-do for today. I just have to find it.

We're both pretty excited, considering we don't really know how far along I am. Yeah, we're still guessing. And we won't know until the first Wednesday in May. That's when I have my next appointment. They should be able to measure the rice bean. I haven't been really sick. My stomach is always in knots, like I'm about to throw up, but I haven't. So we're knocking on wood that this continues in the fashion that it is. And in the mean time, I am following my What to Expect when You're Expecting book.

I will post about things I make and updates on the rice bean. :)

Love to all who love rice. ♥

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