Monday, April 25, 2011

eating things and Easter

So, we've come to discover that we have such a weirdo little dog. While Shark was digging the garden (which was ALOT of work) Bandit was out there "helping" him. I got some video.

He eats dirt.

And he whines whenever Shark uses a shovel.

He's a pretty funny puppy dog. After a while, I would lock him in the house, so Shark could get some work done. He hated it, and was running from every window to every door, trying to get out. I don't know if he thinks we were having so much fun or what, but he loved "helping" in the garden.

Yeah helping.

We also discovered that he eats plants.

He has some flowers inside the yard that he likes to nibble on.

Easter this year was a pretty good deal.

Shark got peanut butter eggs and Cadbury carmel eggs.

Girl got cookies and cream bunnies and Cadbury cream eggs.

Bandit got bubbles and some rawhide.

Then we went over Shark's parents' and got even more candy! Now to clean up all the mess from the wrappers!!

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