Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

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Ok, this is my annual Christmas gift post.

My mom's gift this year was :

An apron in her kitchen colors!

A keyring with pennies from the years her kids were born. There are 6 of us. And I put another jump ring on it with seed beads for Danger, her first grandchild.

Next is Gwen:

Hot pads to match the apron from last year, along with some new recipes.

Redneck wine glasses!

My younger sisters, Alex and Meg got :

plastic bag purses and jewlery holders! (I apparently only took pictures of 1 of them, the other bag is red and white with yellow stripes and the other jewlery holder is yellow.)

Heather's gift:
Alright, apparently, I was terrible at taking pictures of my Christmas gifts this year! I made Heather an apron to match her kitchen, green, yellow and red. I was kinda nervous about it, but it turned out way freaking cute!

Earlier this year, Heather mentioned that she wished someone would create a book of FHE lessons for a whole year. Well, I found a place that has that and I made her a binder for Family Home Evening for 2012. I found this blog, called a Year of FHE on pinterest and compiled lessons from 2010 and 2011 to fit the months and weeks for 2012. I bought her the Primary Children's songbook on CD and the Gospel Art Kit so she's prepared for her lessons. I printed out the lessons and the printables that went with them, and put them in a binder, divided by month and added a calendar for each month, with the lessons written on each Monday. I also printed out extra printables/handouts so she can copy them if she needs more.

Whitney :

I made an ABC book!

I also made her a hat that has braids on it. But it didn't fit, so I'm going to make her another one, a bigger one!

Sammi :
She got baby things :burp cloths, peepee teepees and a diapre clutch. She had her cute little boy at the beginning of this month!

I also made her some hot pads to match last years apron, and some recipes!

Jena :
She got a Recipe binder, to match the apron I made her for her half-birthday.
And a plastic bag purse to fit a binder in! Her's had orange and yellow stripes!
I also helped my MIL with a picture frame for her!
Katie :
She got headbands, crocheted and sewn. She got more recipes, and a chicken wire board!

She also got hot pads to match her apron from last year!
Katie's girls have been in LOVE with the movie Tangled. The girls have been tying scraves together to make long "hair" - so I crocheted Princess crowns and attached long LONG "hair" to the back, so now each girl has a 2 foot train of hair! They loved them!

My dad :
I made him an album of the ultrasounds and pictures of Danger.

The boys:
So Shark's brothers were watching The Michael Vick Project, and there was a shirt on it that just said VICK. The boys said it would be awesome if they had shirts that said COLLARD on them.

Even Danger got one.

Earlier this year, the brothers were obsessed {yes, really obsessed!} with Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long blog (Netflix it, but there's some language in it, so you're warned.) and the boys all got Captain Hammer shirts.

Danger got one for Christmas!

My family :
Shark and I made marshmallow shooters for my family. I even spray painted them! They had loads of fun.

Ok, that's all the gifts I can think of right now. I'll post more if I can remember them and if I can find pictures!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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