Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year

So every year we go thru this. We make resolutions and try to remember to do them thru January. I don't even think I made resolutions last year. I've been working on my 101 in 1001 list, and that has been plenty of resolutions.

Although, this year, we're planning on making some resolutions. Shark's family is having a Fat-Off. We're weighing in tomorrow and having a weight-loss race that will end sometime in July. I heard something about family pictures being taken around that time, but it might just be rumor... :) Anyways, even though I don't need to lose a whole bunch of weight, there is some baby weight hanging around that I would like to get rid of. {I would really like to fit into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans again...} But really it's mostly about getting healthy and fit. {I'm sure it wouldn't hurt my heart if I got in shape.}

And I found this blog {ok, I've known about this blog for a while} called a bit of sunshine, and she does this photo journaling thing called ten on ten. Here's the d's : once a month on the tenth taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding much life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day! <-- Right from her blog. I love that idea. So I plan on trying to do that. Also, even though I talk all big, like I would never get depressed and I could kick the "baby blues" in the behind, I've kinda been struggling this past month. It's been hard. Frustrating. Overwhelming. Exhausting. Don't worry too much, I've talk to Shark about it, and I really do have plenty to do. SO I'll probably be putting an alarm on my phone for the 10th, and then for each hour. {ps: January should be fun, Danger has his 2 month check-up, I'm pretty sure that's the one where they give him shots....}

AND - I was reading somewhere on the blogosphere about Write Every Day. You write just 1 sentence about your day, each day, all year long. I've even seen some little books/cards with the day on them and you write on each year. I saw a Notecard ring-binder thing at Wal-Mart that I think I am going to go get, it would be super fun to go thru and read what happened on that day 3 years ago, 10 years ago!

So, Resolutions for 2012 :
  • Kick my 101 in 1001 in the butt!! Just do some of the crap, girl!
  • Get back down to my fighting weight.
  • Participate in ten on ten, and link up!
  • Do more crafts on BOTH blogs! LINK UP!
  • Write every day, something about life/my family/myself...
  • Blog more. About everything and anything.
So yeah, that seems like alot, but I think I can do it all... I might even try to do quarterly check-ups. Hmm... I probably won't remember to do that... But I'm writing these down and I'm going to put them on my mirrors, in my car, by my computer. So I'll always see them. {I should put one near my tv too...}

Here's me, being a terrible poster :

Danger's 1 month pic!

And some cute ones of him and Shark!

Anyways. Happy New Year to everyone! And have fun kissing! I will kiss the love of my life when he gets home tomorrow morning! ♥

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