Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So, while we were dating, Shark made it very VERY clear not to mention any future plans or dreams. I guess you could call him committment shy. Yeah, here's a picture for you : He asked me to marry him in February of 2008, like the very END of February. I made him a Valentine's Day meal, and it was pretty awesome! I made stuffed ribs, very delicious. One thing to understand about me, when I first moved to Utah, I had this tough-girl attitude, I had some walls up (I moved out here alone, I didn't know anybody!) and I told him that I would never be the crafting and baking type of girl. (HA!) So when I got done making these aweomse ribs, and he thought they were delicious, I smiled and said, "See I can totally be a cute little housewife."


His eyes went wide, and he froze on the spot! Total deer-in-the-headlights! Yeah, all I meant was, See I can bake something!
Well he asked me to marry him 2 weeks later. (I guess I really can cook!) It was pretty cute when he asked me to kiss him for the rest of his life. :)

Now my memory has been kind of dodgey lately... But the way I remember it is : He asked me to marry him then like 5 minutes later he said, "so for boys names I like ____, ____ and _____."

I'm pretty sure it happened like that.

Anyways, back to the story. Since we've been married, Shark and I have been so excited to have kids. We were especially excited to have a little boy. When Shark was little he had a lisp, he still kinda does and it's still way cute.

One day we were talking about our future children when he asked me what they might sound like. I told him I thought they'd have his lisp or at least that really cute lisp where R's turn into O's.

So he said it'd be cute and awesome if we named our little boy Danger. So then he could say in his cute lisp, "No my middle name weally is Dang-o."

So we bumped knuckles on it, our first boy would have Danger as middle name! I loved it! I was pumped! Then I got pregnant with a boy, and I got even MORE excited to name him Danger!

Then, in my 8th month I started to get nervous about it. Rethinking it. Shark and I talked and made a decision.

So when he was born we named him after Shark. Both Danger and Shark have the middle name David. I wimped out. It was all me.

Everyone still calls him Danger and I think it's a freaking awesome nickname.

That is why his name is Danger on the blog, I know I had it as Little Man or even Mancub before, but I really think it should be Danger. Shark loves that I call Danger Mancub! Shark and I don't know a whole lot of songs, but we're always singing that song King Louie sings on The Jungle Book. I wanna be a man, mancub.

Love to nicknames! ♥

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