Friday, December 16, 2011

so it snowed

It's December. Yes. I'm only starting to be okay with Christmas music this year. I worked at a home decor/holiday decoration store last year, and they started playing Christmas music sometime in November, probably just after Turkey Day. I went to Wal-Mart on the 1st of November this year, and BAM - they were playing the Music.

Don't get me wrong, when we take that annual Christmas Lights drive, I'd like to listen to Christmas music. BUT - I don't listen to the Music for fun. I enjoy it during the week of Christmas, usually not before.

It snowed this week. I'm kinda happy about it. I love snow. I love looking at snow. I hate driving in it. I hate walking in it. I hate when I get up to get some food and I step in a puddle of melted snow that my dog tracked in. I'm going thru socks like crazy this week!

I'm used to driving in it. And I remember how to drive in snow from last year and the year before that. I took my drivers test in the snow. Yeah, I'm that awesome. But for some reason, it feels like I'm the only one (including my family and friends, they're smart) who remembers how to drive in the snow. The rest of the population seem to have forgotten from last year.

As soon as the white stuff flies, there are tons of accidents, and Shark has to give an extra HOUR of drive time to get to work. Yeah. Not cool.

But, since there is now snow on the ground {not a whole lot, but still it's there!} it really feels like Christmas is soon. I have completely spaced that Christmas is NEXT week! Holy crap! I have just a few more presents to get done. And I can finish most of said presents from the comfort of my couch!

So, it's starting to feel like Christmas. I'm excited and happy about it. I really do love Christmas. Every year, I look back and see how very blessed I am. (this tradition is fairly new, like since I've been married) Marriage, heart surgery, moving, getting the house... And this year, having Danger. He's freaking awesome!

When I think about him, I see God's hand in my life. I created that little guy, but it wasn't my design. No way could this little person just come to be. With all the intricacies and tiniest of details. His heart, his eyes, his lungs, the fact that he will grow 300% in the next year! No way could this design just come to be cuz some atoms collided or whatever. This was designed and planned by someone greater than me. I see how very blessed I am just by Danger's being here. I love it and I love him!

I watched my first Christmas movie today while I finished wrapping gifts and packing them in boxes to ship to the Wisco. I watched A Christmas Story, cuz it's hilarious, and cuz I really didn't need to watch it on TV to recite it word for word, but because I really needed background sound and my modem died on Tuesday and that meant my Netflix was down.... It was great to watch, it made me laugh. Fa ra ra ra ra.

Love to those with Christmas cheer, remember to spread it! ♥

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