Friday, February 8, 2013

comes to money

So, it seems like it always comes back to money....

I hate it... I hate bills, I hate surprise bills, I hate budgets, I hate never having enough money...

I am willing to do anything {ANYTHING!!!} to save money and get out of debt!

But it is so hard.

It is so hard to follow thru (apparently I have no willpower.....) I have such a hard time sticking to a budget. Something always comes up. Some disaster always happens.

One thing that really sucks for us : when we do the debt snowball (Dave Ramsey's plan) we "throw" money at our debt and it feels like nothing! We don't have small debt, we have all big debt. {Not HUGE debt, but big enough to feel like the monthly payments aren't doing a thing...}

It hurts. It hurts the ambition when you're doing all you can and it feels like nothing.

Every paycheck, Shark and I tell each other : NO EXTRA SPENDING! And we shake on it. but it doesn't seem to matter.

So what I have been trying to start :
 - menu plan.
 - make a list
 - stick to the list
 - only buy NEEDS

So far... Yeah... Um.... Like I said, something always comes up. And it sucks.

I found a blog thru a blog... It's called And Then We Saved....on her blog, she does a Spending Fast. She also does a Spending Diet, it's like the step before you're ready for the Fast. It sounds like something I could to start.

It's all so hard.

I think my current plan (menu, list, stick to it, NEEDS) will work. I just need to stick to it. Avoid the clothing racks, and the craft section...' money, mo' problems... right?!

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