Tuesday, February 5, 2013

what should I do

So, I usually babysit a neighbor girl. But her mom just gave birth to another one yesterday! So technically I'm "off work" for the next 6 weeks while her mom is on maternity leave.

So that means I have to find something to do for 6 weeks.

I could, you know, watch my child....Lately he'll just get a few boxes of snacks down and he'll spend the morning mixing them.

I could.... Start watching Downton Abbey like the rest of the world. Although, I didn't read Twilight until the last one had come out...

I could... continue couponing, keep trying and hopefully it'll work!!

I could... Clean my house. We all know my house needs it.

Or whatever.

Danger has started to peel oranges on his own... Or just putting them in his mouth and trying to eat them. Apparently he doesn't mind the taste of the rind. Well, at least he's not picky, right?!

I also have quite a few projects on my list... I could get a few of those things done. We could put up some shelves. Make that height ruler I want. Maybe finish the bathroom upstairs : I need to put the border on the mirror.

Plus we have some bills and stuff to figure out. Things that have taken forever to figure out - Shark's schedule doesn't mesh with mine, so it is very hard to get places.

And there are all these shows I have to watch....

SO yeah....  now for photos from the week...

Ta da!

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