Wednesday, February 6, 2013

menu and week plan

**UPDATE : I forgot a day in my menu plan.... So I added my meal and added the day... **

Ok, so I get it, it's Wednesday.

You're probably asking yourself, "What's this chick doing planning meals and making a week plan on Hump Day?!"

Well, Shark's schedule is backwards of most normal people's. He works nights. His work week starts on Wednesday nights. SO, me being his loving amazing wonderful awesome wife, I have changed my schedule around to fit his.

Also, Thursday is my day off from babysitting and it is also the day we get paid!

Do you know how much easier/faster it is to go shopping on a Thursday than a Saturday?!?

2-7 : Frozen Pizza
2-8 : Crock Pot Dump Meal (One day I got ambitious and made these crock pot freezer meals.)
2-9 : Crock Pot Chicken with rolls and corn
2-10 :  Stuffed French Toast with fruit
2-11 : Bacon & Pea Mac & Cheese
2-12 :  - Our Valentine's Day -
2-13 : Soy Sauce & Brown Sugar Salmon with Garlic Asparagus
2-14: Chicken Taco Chili with chips and rolls
2-15 : Bacon Ranch Slowcooker Chicken over potatoes
2-16 : Spaghetti with garlic bread
2-17 : leftovers and veggie night
2-18 : Slowcooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with celery
2-19 : Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers
2-20 : Chicken strips with corn
2-21 : Crock pot Honey Seasame Chicken with eggrolls

So there you have my meals planned out for the next 2 weeks.

I'm planning on taking Danger shopping with me on Friday this week. I have an appointment (more headache stuff....) on Friday and I need him to be awake long enough to fall asleep right before my appointment. That way Shark can watch him while he gets ready for work....

Yeah... So for these 6 weeks I'm seriously planning on making dinner every night. It needs to happen. I have been far too lazy lately.

So Danger has been watching his dad too much! He just dropped some food and smashed it deeper into the sofa... JUST like his dad!

My weekly plan is to go shopping on Friday, then my appointment. Saturday we're just chilling. It's a long week for Shark so it's me and little man. Sunday we chill. Monday we've got nothing planned. Shark is done with his class this semester! Tuesday is our Valentine's Day cuz Shark works on Thursday. So we have coupons to a BBQ place. (I have told him there is NOTHING wrong with using coupons on dates, if we can get something free, I'm all for it!) After that, we're pretty open. We haven't really had anything planned.

Maybe I'll continue taking Danger to the library on Mondays. They have a free kids discovery zone thing. They read, the kids sing and dance and shake maracas....

Also, I'm hoping to make and Ikea run...

We've got plans to go to the children's museum.

My SIL wants to get together more and craft some.

We went to IHOP's Free Pancake night.

We'll see what we can get done in these 6 weeks. Yeah.... Little man has been pretty darn cute. We might go for a walk today. He's just rolling around on the floor. He handed me his boots and his shoes. And when I balanced them on his head instead of putting them on his feet, he decided he'd try to put them on himself.

My handsome do-it-yourselfer! I sure do love that guy!

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