Thursday, February 28, 2013

No Spend Month 1

So one of my 101 goals is to have 3 no spend months. March is going to be the 1st no spend month.

It needs to happen, and this next month just makes perfect sense! We've been doing a pretty good spending fast for the past week. Yeah, I know, a week is nothing compared to a whole month!

I stumbled upon this blog thru another blog... It's called And Then We Saved. It talks about saving money and a spending fast and diet. :) 

What we need to spend money on :

Cell Phone
Food (meal plan!!)
Gym membership (it's cheap and it's the only way I work out!)
Doctor bills
Car payment
Credit Card

There you have it. That's what we're going to be spending money on this month. And that's it.

No craft stuff (I have a gift card!)

No restaurants.

No clothes.

No spending out.

We plan a date each month, and we've been trying to keep them cheap We watched The Oscars this year and Shark wants to see a lot of the nominated movies. So I signed up for Inside Redbox. So hopefully we'll be getting free movie rentals. Plus, we didn't really go to the movies last year. So we need to catch up. We also have a few movie gift cards. So free dates it is! 

We are only using cash and we have cards just for gas. I already have gas budgeted so it will make purchased easier, the gas cards are ONLY for gas and no other spending is allowed. The reason for the gas cards is cuz Shark drives pretty far to work and needs to fill up often. It'll also help us keep track of the gas we spend. :)

So here's goes with our no spend month.

I'm always glad to try something new, especially if it'll help us out. 

Wish us luck!

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