Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday : I went to the store to get dog food, and while I was there, the store was having an aweome sale on hamburger patties for $1.49 a lb, for 8 patties! I had to, so I did, and grilled out and we invited his parents over for the grilling. I made some cupcakes in a jar, I saw the idea on Simply Modern Mom, but I used bigger jars instead of the 8 oz jars she used, I used quart jars {I didn't think it would matter} and I also used a jumbo muffin tin to make the cupcakes... It was ALOT of deliciousness in 1 jar!! Loved it! Maybe I'll go get some smaller jars for next time. We ended up giving some away, like we gave 1 to Smitty & Polo, it really is a dessert you should share, like I said, it was ALOT! While making the cupcakes, you have to add oil, I had already made a batch, and I asked Shark to help me make the next batch, and he shook the oil {Heather puts her cooking oil in the fridge} and the lid was not on all the way, and it spilled all over him!
I made some Red, White, & Blue cupcakes! They look more like blue and pink cupcakes, which would be great for a baby shower!! ;) {No that is NOT a hint!} I was just saying they would be cute as take-home gifts for a baby shower... maybe I'll have to put this on my list of things to do when that day comes.

POTD for 5.29.10 is : The mess we made with the cupcake in a jar.

Sunday : Just hanging with the hubby. We never got in the truck at all! It was awesome! So, The POTD for 5.30.10 is : our toes, cuz we're that lazy, we stayed in our PJ's all day!!

Monday : Fishing all day! It was great!

POTD for 5.31.01 is : Shark fishing, with the beautiful landscape!!

Love to all who love this amazing Country! ♥

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