Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cute and food

Ok, so on Tuesday, I tried making some Blob Monsters. I failed horribly. Well, today, I figured I'd try again. I even youtube'd how to make cream puffs. It wasn't that hard, I just didn't wait long enough for the dough to be done...

This time, I didn't mess up too bad! I'm pretty excited about how these turned out! I also did tons of laundry today, and I did a load of dishes. :) It's been a pretty long day so far, and I work at 3:30 today... Hmm, will I have the energy I need? Oh, here's the recipe for the Blob Monsters!!

Last night, we had Wives' Night or girls' night or craft night, whichever you want to call it. It was asked last month, what we wanted to do... I suggested Countdown blocks, and they all said yes!! So I got everything I needed for the blocks and started cutting on my Cricut! I used an old stand-by idea, I asked Angie over at Angie'sCreativeCorner what I needed, and she directed me to NapTimeCrafts. I've made these blocks before, except for Christmas countdown. I bought both Christmas and Halloween paper, cuz I wanted to do a Halloween one, and I wasn't sure who wanted to do Christmas and who wanted to do Halloween. :)

These are so cute.

Also, last week, I made myself an apron. I'm such a nerd, I know. But I have really wanted an apron cuz they're cute and mean I'm getting dirty making food! :) So I found a collection of fabric at JoAnn's that matched my house (orange, green and blue!) and it was pretty cute, so I bought a whole bunch of it. I already had the pattern picked out, at I didn't bind mine, cuz I'm awful at binding on a curve, so I turned it inside out and did a basic 1/4" seam allowance, then turned it back right side out, and then attached the flounce. :) I like this apron, it's cute!

So yeah, that's been my week so far! :)

love to those who still love food, even after it tries to ruin all your plans... ♥

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