Wednesday, October 20, 2010


No, not a post dedicated to the Autobots... but I can tell that I'm really turning into a Collard... Last night I got gas at the Sinclair on 89, and I looked down and found a lone earring.

 I knew I was transforming when my first thought was : That would make a great fishing lure! Yeah... Either into a Collard, Shark's companion of 2 and a half years, or an Outdoor show host.... So now this earring is in my possession and soon to be in Shark's tackle box. That boy has changed me in so many good ways, looks like I'm making the full change. If I start to wear work boots, and khaki Dickies, call my mom and my sisters.

I told Shark tonight about it when he got home, he started taking it apart to make it into a fishing lure, because he agreed with me, it would make a GREAT fishing lure.

Love to those who will still love me when I wear camo all the time, and drive in a truck that's always dirty.. ♥

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