Monday, October 11, 2010


We have the internet!! Ok, so somethings that happened this past week that I did NOT share. (Lots of pictures, that's why I didn't share!)

I made jam. I made Raspberry-Peach jam, and Raspberry jam (I had tons of Raspberries left over, so I made jam...) I made jam all day Thursday, after I cleaned the house up a bit. (The last picture is Shark giving his seal of approval...)

Also, Shark loaded his motorcycle up to go to the dump, and he helped load Steve & Heather's green car too. Their green car died a while back.

I got together with some friends and made a whole bunch of Halloween Jars. I bought a $2 string of orange lights at Wal-Mart and put the jars in my front window. {Oh Shark showed me how to twist the lights to turn them off, it worked for about 8 hours, then the whole strand goes dead, I've tried it on 3 different strands of lights, and they all end up dying after about a day. It seems like it works at first, and then it stops working. So don't try it. It was really awesome at first, but it just ends up costing money....}

And here is the Menu of the next 2 weeks....

Monday 10/11 -------- Minestroganoff
Tuesday 10/12 -------- Last Minute Teriyaki
 Wednesday 10/13 ---- Tortellini with cream sauce
Thursday 10/14-------- Brinner (breakfast for dinner)
Friday 10/15 ---------- Chili (and Wings)
Saturday 10/16 ------- Soup
Sunday 10/17 --------- *Football*
Monday 10/18 -------- Fettucini Alfredo w/ shrimp
Tuesday 10/19 -------- Shipwreck
Wednesday 10/20 ----- Baked Shrimp
Thursday 10/21 -------- Lasagna
Friday 10/22 ----------- Ward Party
Saturday 10/23 -------- Mac & Cheese/leftovers
Sunday 10/24 ---------- *football*

Sundays we usually go over to Shark's parents house to watch football and clean out their fridge. :) We get to catch up on all our shows. We've been watching Community, The Office, and The IT Crowd. Shark and I have also been catching up on Chuck. We're about half way thru season 2.

Ok, now to some more news about us. Shark has been going thru his driver training at work! He got the job as a driver, and he should start in November. I've been working crazy hours at the Trading Post, what with Christmas on the way and all. And you remember my post a while ago, about my body being all crazy again. Well, it's back to normal. Which means we'll be able to find out about the supplemental health insurance, so when we decide to have kids, we'll be financially taken care of for it. That makes me happy and relaxed! So that's what we're working on now, getting that insurance.

And as you know, Christmas is coming, so lately I have started gathering supplies for this year's presents. Again, I will be posting the day of Christmas or the day after. I promise to try to take pictures of ALL gifts this year, even the ones I mail!! :)

Love to those who put up with all my crazy pictures, even tho they are a little old... Thanks for loving me anyways ♥

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Black electrical tape works well for covering lights. That's how I cover specific ones on the roof during Christmas.