Friday, October 22, 2010

more food

So, I have been planning on making these for the Ward Halloween party tonight, for a while now. Ever since I got this little recipe book in the mail. Today, I made them, cuz the party is tonight.

I made Slim-Filled cupcakes!

And they are delicious! Although I am bummed about it, cuz I work tonight, so Shark will be dropping off my awesome cupcakes at the party, before he goes hunting with Steve.

POTD for 10/22/2010 is : my foil muffin cups! This was my first time using them for reals. My friend, Ang, used them and said they were the best thing ever. I bought some a while back cuz they were cheaper than the regular muffin cups. With the foil ones, you don't need a muffin tin, you just set up as many cups as you need onto a cookie sheet, and load them with the batter. It was pretty awesome to put 24 cupcakes on 1 baking sheet!

Off to work I go!

Love to all who love Halloween cuz it means LOTS OF SUGAR! ♥

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