Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's like my birthday

So, opening boxes I haven't touched in 7 monthes is like Christmas or my birthday! It's awesome! I'm finding all my pots and pans and measuring cups and silverware! But then I find that I need more things. Like a microwave... Every place we've lived has provided a microwave... I know I had one when I first moved to Colorado... Not sure what happened to it.

So, we finally go the PC hooked up, and I'm going thru my Favorites, and there is some OLD stuff, like waterfall maps of Colorado, and duck hunting maps, that I have to delete. Yeah, it's about time I said goodbye to all that.

Also with new things going on : both Shark and I are sick. Yup. We're just a bunch of sick-o's. Shark started with a cold earlier this week, and I some how got it too {must be all that kissing we do!}. But for some reason, my colds always come with an onslaught of migraines. Like constant headache! So, all week long I've had just one big solid headache. So yeah, things have been just awesome.... This week we were asked to stay late at the Post to catch up on decorating for Christmas, I was only able to stay half hour later than usualy cuz I threw up! I hate throwing up, and I hate being sick! Hmm... I wonder if it could be caused by all that dang glitter?!

But we had some friends over last night. I cooked up a bunch of chili, and Polo & Smitty brought peanut butter bars {that are freaking amazing!} and we watched The Prestige! I love that movie! Thank you so much for coming over!!

Shark and I have been lazy lately, and he's discovered how to put games on his iPhone. {Oh, so Shark bought me an iPhone a month or so ago, just out of the blue. I let him have it for a few reasons: 1) I just got used to my phone, 2) I paid quite a bit for my phone and 3) his phone is dead so he needed one.  Plus the battery on my phone has been tons better!!} So, we've been playing AngryBirds and Cut the Rope. He plays on his iPhone, I play on my iPod... :)

Love to those who think October is just too dang early to be setting up for Christmas... and love to those who have already bought Christmas stuff.... ♥

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