Sunday, October 10, 2010

weekly menus

{{This post was actually created about a week ago, on the 3rd. We finally got internet!!}}

So, I have decided to try something new (yup, just add it to my amazingly LONG list of *new* things!) but this one actually makes sense....  I want to create my meal plans and menus (and shopping trip!!) every 2 weeks. {Yes I understand that things like milk and chocolate pudding will need to be bought more often than that...} So far my menu is :

Monday 9/27------------Tacos
Tuesday 9/28------------Shrimp Primavera
Wednesday 9/29---------Turkey and white bean chili
Thursday 9/30------------Fajitas
Friday 10/1---------------Ravioli marinaera
Saturday 10/2-------------Soup with cresent rolls
Sunday 10/3 --------------Dinner with Shark's family. (Football and Conference!)
Monday 10/4-------------Presto Parmesan
Tuesday 10/5-------------Mac'N'Cheese with Hotdog mummies

Wednesday 10/6---------Garlic mashed potatoes and beef bake

Thursday 10/7------------Homestyle bake
Friday 10/8---------------Shredded bbq chicken sandwiches
Saturday 10/9------------Dine out
Sunday 10/10------------Dinner with Shark's family (Wings at Ang's)

This is how my week went so far! Monday dinner did NOT go as planned, I got home from work with an awful headache, and laid down to go to bed... It was awful! I hate migraines! I wish there was something else I could do, but just cry {yes literally!} in bed in the dark! But last time I went in for the migraines, I came out with new fingerprints on my heart! {And who needs more of those?!} So, I just kind of take the migraines as they come, and as soon as I feel one coming on, I take some Excedrin, and chug a bottle of water. Then Tuesday went as planned, I made dinner after work. I closed pretty much all week, which isn't all bad, Shark gets done with work around 8 and gets home about 1/2 hour after he gets off work.

Thursday I started work at 2, which is different than normal, I usually start work at 12. But Thursday, I babysat Whitney, so Steve & Heather could go to the temple. I had Shark go out and shake my pear tree Wednesday night, so I went and picked a bunch of pears Thursday morning, and then started to peel them, and I got the jars ready. I canned 6 quarts of pears on Thursday morning.

Whitney fell aspleep as soon as she got there, and then we watched Tarzan as I put our movies on our shelf. Then as Steve & Heather came back, they called me outside. There was a hen pheasant walking back and forth along our new fence. I snapped some pictures.

 But Thursday at work was a hard day, we were getting ready for the weekend, and it was my 4th day closing in a row, which is pretty rough. I went home with a headache {again!!} and just laid down, and cried {AGAIN!!} in the dark. No supper as planned.

I had Friday off of work, so took my trip down to Ikea. I bought a whole bunch of furniture.{I've been planning out the furniture for my house for a while now, and I didn't buy a single item over $20!!} I bought my end tables, my coffee table, my tv table, our curtains and rods, our lights, and some mirrors. I then went over to Angie's where she showed me how to make safety pin bracelets, which I made into a watchband.

Since this was conference weekend, all the craft stores around are having Ladies Night, and the Post is no different! We had a Ladies Night, with refreshments and giveways, and we have like 5 coupons out right now {or at least we did!} and it was so freaking busy, we had every single employee on the payroll working! It was crazy! I went in to work around 9 and then left around 8:40. We close at 8:30!! It was such a rough day!! But it was fun, there were some pretty fun people there last night!

We're still working on getting the boxes out of the living room, and the kitchen, and my craft room and that random living room-that's-supposed-to-be-a-carport room thing that still has boxes in it. We're working on it... Slowly, but we're doing it. It would be awesome if I could clone myself {sting-blub, anyone have a stung-bulb?!} so I could send my clone to work and I could clean my house!! So far, I'm going to try to work on 1 room at a time, and 1 box at a time... Slow and steady! HA!!

love to those who are still my friends, even tho I don't have internet and haven't checked their blogs in FOREVER!! ♥

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