Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad Day

So, today started out going good. I got to sleep in. :) Then as I was preparing for my day to really start (meaning, I had places to go!) I hit a bump, I sat in front of the computer ripping CD's so I could take the book back to the library. Yeah, my bad! Then, I got ready and in the truck, pulled into the library parking lot and turned to grab my bag of books. No books. Ugh! I decided to make my run for Jo-Ann's anyways, well, I ended up stopping at home first to get the books, I figured I'd hit the library on my way back home. I hit up Wal-Mart first, and wandered thru their Valentine's candy and the ridulously marked down aisles. I was crouching down looking at folders (10 cents!!) and I stood up too fast and was standing on my purse. Snapped the strap off! O-F-F!

My birthday purse!! I then went into Jo-Ann's, what I wanted was NOT on sale, boo. Then as I was driving past the library, my final stop! I heard a whole bunch of popping, snapping, clicking or something coming from under the passenger side of the truck (I thought it was gunshots! Silly me!) and I parked teh truck, got out to look. Only to find that my front passenger tire was leaking, I could hear it, and there was this thick metal wire in the tire!! Flat tire!!

So, I called Shark, he said my best bet was to try to drive it home since it was a sort of slow leak. Well, I took the scenic route home! Good heavens, I did NOT know that many streets did not connect thru! Well, I made it home, walked to scouts (2 blocks away) and my awesome amazing husband picked me up! I went in the house, to find my dog in the trash! Caught him!! Today hasn't been all bad, but it hasn't been all good either. One good thing for today is, we're having FHE tonight, since it hasn't worked any other night this week!

Ooh! We payed off a credit card last month!! Woohoo!! And by next month we'll have a paid off another one!! Yeah!!

Love to those who see the silver lining and to those who are the silver lining!

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