Tuesday, February 1, 2011

just my luck

So, remember me saying I would never change my background again! Well, adding a new blog = changing the background! Ugh! I messed everything up for a while. Also, I think the *free* website I set up so I could have my awesome font at the top kicked me out. Has it already been a year?! I might try expirementing with new fonts, just to keep that site from closing. Thank goodness no one else wants bryandmark.webs.com!! Woohoo!! Oh, and if you go to that site, DO NOT REGISTER or sign up, it's really just nothing, I'm not working on that one at all. It seriously is just for my fonts. :) Also this little font adventure took me longer than it should have, I thought I was smart and I skimmed/skipped ahead, and I ended up having to go back and read the ENTIRE things to make sure I didn't forget any steps! Oh, I was on KevinAndAmanda.com, searching out tips on making my blog cute, again. Now my brain hurts, and Shark's been sleeping for about an hour or so. Mmm, that means the bed is warm!!

Love to those who learn things from TV, for instance, C-4 smells like almonds. ♥

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