Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ok, I'm not even sure if that's how it's spelled but that how I'm spelling it. Today, Shark got up at the the butt-crack of dawn. Like seriously! He doesn't have his Physics lab today, so he had a free morning. He has been looking at motorcycles online for a week now, and been setting up appointments to go check some out. Well, this morning, he drove down to Orem (about 2 horus away) to look at 2 motorcycles. When he got there, those losers sold the bikes last night! I think I'm more mad than he is. He's annoyed. I asked him if he called them any dirty names (that's how I try to fix things by making it worse.) and he said no, he just scuzzed both guys. So, he told me that he is sitting at a McDonalds, using their Wi-Fi, to search for more bikes to look at. I'm mad those two jerks didn't call, send a text or anything to let him know, "Hey bro, I sold the bike you are driving 2 hours to look at." Ugh... Oh well.

Ok, so we paid off 2 credit cards (yayay!!) and now we're just working on the rest of our debt! I'm excited because it doesn;t look that far away. We just have to save our pennies, and shop smart. I've got plenty of crafty things here to make and do, so I really don't need to buy anything else. And I've been making things from what I've got. I've bought a few things, but not lots. I'm glad we've got a game plan, and that things are working out. I'll be excited once we get a motorcycle, that'll save us about $100 a month on gas, which right now, would be awesome!

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