Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here's a little story about a girl and teh credit that broke her heart. There once was a girl from Wisconsin, and she got a credit card. When she was living with her parents in the castle, she was careful with her money and her card. But, a dark day was coming, when she would no longer be under the protection of her parents, or their castle. That day came, she went to college and she thought she was still smart with her money, she was buying smart things, like groceries and smooties and tanning packages. She figured, I can just charge it, I won't have to worry about paying this until I'm old, or my awesome parents will pay it for me! Then things got worse, and she was abover her credit limit, way above! And it looked like things at school were ending, and she had to move somewhere else. And this time she really NEEDED that money, but she didn't have it. {Darn tanning packages!} And just when she thought she was done, another credit card came in the mail! Oh joy! So she opened that credit card account as well. New money, now she could pay for gas to drive to work! Then after about 5 years of paying off this card moderately on time, she thought she finally has it under control, and for the most part she did. {Her parents bailed her out of a few other things, and she is eternally grateful, but those credit cards are hers to deal with...} She met a boy, who's only credit history was buying a truck, and eventually a ring. They eventually combined their credit, and that meant, they had low scores, his didn't really have a score and her scores were awful. But they TALKED about it, and now, 3 years after they met, they are getting these credit cards destroyed! They haven't touched these cards in years, and are using an awesome plan (Dave Ramsey) and some amazing friends to help them on their way. They are now down to 1 credit card, the card with the truck and the ring. And that is how they like it! The End.

Ok, so that is my little story about credit cards. I just sat on the phone for 30 minutes waiting to talk to someone about closing my account. Well, apparently, I was so abusive to this card, they closed it a few years ago. I said, pay the remaining $1.02, and get rid of that card account number please. Don't put any more interest on it, I'm done! Whoo hoo!! It feels so good! I have actually 1 card left, but that will be paid on the 28th, after we get paid on Friday. We've set up a budget, and I've got all of our stuff on auto-pay. But now we're just waiting. Waiting for everything to be paid off, and not worry about it any more!

The thing about waiting for it, is that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're so close. And that's exciting!! We are almost done with it!

In the mean time, I've got a talk I've got prepare on Forgiveness. I talk this week in church, or maybe it'll be bumped to next week since we didn't have chuch last week!! Hmm, I'll prepare my talk anyway.

Love to those who are impatiently praying for patience. ♥

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