Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day off

So, I've been having lots of days off in a row. I don't mind really. It means I can get things done. Or at least try better than I usually do. Well, I did (and am still doing) a truck load of laundry. The hard thing about laundry is putting it away...

Also, I've been crafting today. Granted, that seems to be all I do as of late, but it's fun, and I can craft AND watch TV at the same time! Awesome, I know! Well, a week or so ago, I cut out some filigree for my mom, but I also cut some other things at the same time.

I cut out KISS THE COOK. Anything I can do to solicit kissing from my husband is always awesome. He appreciates getting a "Free Pass" to kiss me anytime I'm cooking now. I had a piece of tile around the house (trust me, I have tons!) and some cute ribbon. I moved the clock over my stove, and after figuring out how to use just 1 piece of ribbon and a hook : I got it hung!

Remember that random frame I got? Yeah, the big one? I hung it on our green wall with orange ribbon (it doesn't clash near as much as it sounds like it!) I've been trying to find some awesome quote or hymn lyrics to put on the wall... Well, Shark and I were in church, and I was flipping thru the hymn book, and came across "True to the Faith"

and I absolutely fell in love with the chorus. "Soul, heart, and hand, Faithful and true we will ever stand." So I cut that out and put it on the wall today. I love how the "Ever stand" is outside the frame, and stands out! With a plus, this wall decor, plus my newly posted wall decor checks a goal off my list. #11 to be exact! Yay!

I also attempted to make a St. Patricks day sign, and I got the vinyl on. But once I put the clear coat on, the vinyl shriveled up, and it looks bad now... So I'll be figuring out something with that next week.

Oh, I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. He gave me some new things to try, and they took 5 vials of blood for testing. So we'll just have to see what's going down. I'm hoping to set up a dentist appointment for next week, yeah I'll keep you posted. Oh, here are the flowers that Shark got me foe Valentine's Day!

Love that boy!

Love to all who have successes among the failures!

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