Saturday, February 19, 2011

Early Day

Well, since Shark bought the motorcycle on Thursday, he made plans with his brother Steve to go get it this morning. But, they made plans to go ice fishing first. Well, of course he got up at the butt-crack of dawn, yet again, and got ready to go. Well, it's raining, so the boys decided to stay here and play Donkey Kong Country Returns. Steve brought his dog. Bandit + Trigger = Trouble! The play really loud, and they run around and wrestle LOTS, so I'm sleeping downstairs, but not for very long cuz the dogs are crazy. The boys were actually really quiet this morning. So, I figured I'd get up anyways and burn my Books on CD to my iTunes. I'm also heading into work early cuz I'm going to buy stuff. :)

So, last week at church the topic was GOALS. (Our ward is very spread out in age. We've got the largest nursey in the stake, and the oldest average high priest age, which is weird cuz the 2nd counseler is in the High Priest and he's in his 30's....) We had one very old gentleman get up and talk about goals and then a newlywed man get up and talk about his goals. It just so happened, I brought my big list of goals. You know, the one that has been sitting in the left margin, mocking me for the longest time. Yeah... I didn't make any more goals, I made a list of ways to accomplish my goals, what I need to get these things checked off. So now, it's just a matter of sticking things on my mirror to make me remember. Some of the goals just need a little planning and prep, but all of my goals are abtainable. A few of the goals are like "Try to continue" and plan traditions and things like that, or making things for future people. For instance, #13, I got 2 library cards a while back. I figure if I can learn Italian for free, that would be awesome. I know it's probably going to be basic Italian, but basic is really all I'm looking for, for now. But I went to our local library's site, and they have an online sponsor for learning languages, called Mango Languages! It looks pretty legit, and I'm excited! Maybe I could even kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and work out on the Wii and learn Italian on the iPod at the same time!! Ehh!! I might be too ambitious for my own good. I figure I'll wait on that 2 for 1 thing, I have to start working out on the Wii first, right? But either way, what I'm trying to say is : My goals are within reach! And that is super exciting! We'll have Shark's truck paid off within a year! Plus, he just bought the motorcycle, and that means we can start fixing up the little red truck to sell that.

I was telling Shark last night, that everything just seems to be falling into place. But it's kind of a "don't see the forest for the trees" situation. When I look at each event individually, I go HUH?! But when I step back and look at it all as a whole (at least partial WHOLE) it looks all lined up. And I like that. I also like that it feels like we've got a game plan. In general, things are going good. :)

Love to those who feel in control of things, even if they really aren't! ♥

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