Friday, October 14, 2011

38 Days

So basically Little Man has 38 until he gets his final eviction notice. I don't think he'll last the full term. Neither do either of my doctors. My OB is planning around Nov. 7th, which would be awesome, cuz my cardiologist is the attending that week, so it would work perfectly! Anyways, here's an update of what's been going on lately.

So I've been going to the Dr's twice a week for nonstress tests for baby. This is my 2nd week going, I started going last Monday. And to technically pass the test he has to get his heart rate up to 155 and then back down to 130, twice in 30 minutes. The nurse's freak out because he just barely gets up to 150 and then just hangs out at 150 for a while. They try everything, they buzz him, they move me around, I poke him and jab at him, I drink soda, I drink juice, trust me, we try to get him to move around and acelerate his heart rate! So they're all worried that he's not moving for funtioning enough, and after the first test, they called me back in to do an emergency test. He passed that one no problem.

Well, I talked to my cardiologist, and asked him if the heart rate regulator medication I'm on could be limiting his heart rate as well, he confirmed that it could and it probably is. He also said, the nurses and aids will have no idea what's normal for me and my condition, and they will freak out and get all worried, but until my OB gets concerned, I've got nothing to be concerned about. This past Monday, baby decided to nap all day, during all the tests, and my OB was kinda concerned about his movement, until I told him, this kid moves NON-STOP. As soon as they shut off the ultrasound machine and I sat up, he got the hiccups and did a few summersalts, but he didn't do it while the Dr's were watching. I told the Dr's that he kicks, punches, rolls, moves, gets the hiccups all the time. My OB is no longer concerned. He said to keep counting little man's kicks and movements, and when I notice a decrease or less than 10 in an hour to call and come in.

Thursday's tests he totally rocked at and moved the whole time. Shark and I had a game plan for yesterday. Food. Baby moves whenever I eat something. So I ate a big sugary breakfast, then stopped at BK and got a burger and soda on the way to the hospital, and before my last ultrasound yesterday, I stopped at the cafeteria and got some pizza. He put on quite a show. In fact, I don't think he's stopped moving for 10 minutes today. He's just been switching sides and rolling and punching me and putting his knees in my ribs. Restless. Shark and I aren't worried, I just wish the nurses wouldn't freak out. I told the doctors, it's kinda hard to not get worried when nurses are throwing around words and phrases like "snot moving, could be still born" and "come into the Emergency OB, we need to check to make sure you're baby is still functioning" - Mark and I have talked to the cardio dr and my OB, and they aren't worried and trust us to let them know when something doesn't feel right, so we're not worried.

Shark asked my OB what the procedure would be if something were wrong, the OB answered, we'd deliver him. And to make sure there aren't any surprises, the carseat is in the car, and I have a bag packed, in the car anytime I go to the hospital now. We don't need ANY surprises like we had on Mother's day where the Dr's decided to keep me there! So we're ready.... :)

My dad sent me some funny commercials that are airing in WI.

This one makes my husband glad we don't live in WI, and that I don't have a Packers Checking....

Love to all!♥

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