Friday, October 21, 2011

really 18 days

Ok. So, I know the ticker on the right side bar is counting down. And my last post didn't help clear things up at all, but really - I have 18 days left until I go into the hospital to get induced....

Yeah, I'm kinda freaking out.

The doctor's set the appointment for me to head into the hospital Tuesday night, at 8pm. Hopefully we'll have a kicking, crying Little Man on the 9th. But either way, that still means I'm going to be a mom next month. :)

I'm excited and nervous.

I've been going to appointments twice a week for the past 3 weeks. They've been kind of stressful. I know everything is fine, but the nurses all freak out cuz Little Man's heart rate doesn't accelerate to what he "should" get up to. I told them, I'm on a heart rate regulator, it caps my heart rate, it caps his heart rate. They looked at me and flatly said, We can't assume it's the medication. We have to assume something is wrong with your baby and just order more tests.

SOO - on top of the now-pointless tests, I have to go in and do MORE tests. Ultrasounds every time I go in. Ultrasounds are fine, I get to see my Little Man! Which is pretty fun, but seeing him on the screen is just making MORE impatient to get him HERE!

So, I've been trying to not freak out, all while trying to remain patient. {Cuz, you all know I am such a patient person! HA!}

(Yesterday, he stuck his tongue out, yawned way big, and grabbed his nose!)

So, in 18 days, my brothers and sisters will become aunts and uncles. My mom will be a grandma and my dad will be a grandpa. I will be a mom, and Shark will be a dad!

We are all excited for our newest leaf on the family tree to get here! {and to start kicking someone else for a change!}

Love for all things new! ♥

PS: mom, I just have to address my thank you, and stamp em, and get em out! You should be smiling!

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