Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Food and baby things

Alright, so the past 2 weeks I've been kinda busy, well, not really busy but I've been doing stuff.

I made Pear Raspberry Jam. It tastes really good, I can't really taste the pear, but that just means the next batch will have double the pear in it. ;)

I made Butterfinger Blondies. I was so excited to try this recipe because I found it on Pinterest (and I've been working at MAKING things from Pinterest, not just pinning things!) and beacuse I LOVE Butterfinger! These blondies tasted amazing, and the buttercream frosting with the Butterfinger on top way absolutely delicious. The blog this recipe is posted on has TONS of amazing looking stuff, so stop over at SixSisters'Stuff!

I made laundry soap. Yeah I know, I'm ever so ambitious! BUT, I seriously can make a TON of laundry soap for way freaking cheaper than buying a small bottle. So, I have my soap making pot, grater, funnel and spoon. Plus, to make this first batch of soap, I had everything on hand. Sweet deal, huh! So yeah, I bought a 2.5 gallon water dispenser with a spigot to dispense the detergent. The recipe over at WhyNotSew said to put the detergent in 2 milk jugs, but I wanted something easier to get the detergent out (I can lift the spigot and pour soap into the cup ONE-HANDED!! So easy!)

I've made up some of the nursery decor. I've had these frames from work but they had some odd artwork in them that really wouldn't fit with any nursery scheme I could have come up with, I really bought them because of the blue frames. I got TONS and TONS of blankets and I decided to fix up the artwork.

So two weeks left until Little Man comes. Monday he gave us another scare. I was just sitting in my NST, playing on my iPod, when the nurse came and freaked out. Now this nurse has been freaking out over every thing, so I kinda just blew it off. The nurse turned me and moved me around, hoping to get his heart rate up. She had another nurse watch me while she went to find an OB. My OB came in, looked worried (which got me worried!) and said Little Man's heart rate dropped significantly for a long period of time right after a contraction, so they decided to keep me in the hospital for the day. So, they wheeled me into Labor & Delivery to get me a room, more for protocol and "just-in-case" anything else happened. Well, let me tell you the reception SUCKS in the L&D wing, and I had the hardest time getting a hold of Shark or anyone for that matter. So, as strong as I thought I was, I broke down shortly after the nurses hooked me up to the IV and all the monitors. The nurses came in, and dialed Shark from their desk, and transfered him to my room. I was crying into the phone and he was definitely freaked out and worried. I told him it wasn't an emergency, but they were watching me pretty close. So after 4 hours of watching what Little Man did (nothing else happened) they let me go. Shark and I walked around the Temple once we got out. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to spend it together, once everything calmed down.

We found a cute little path that neither of us had ever seen. There were all these trees that had cute heart-shaped leaves. So yeah, now we're just waiting 14 more days until our cute little man gets here. We're hoping he waits that long. {please wait that long!!} So I've decided to be a complete lazy bum for the next 2 weeks. Pretty sure I'm planning on finishing up the Christmas presents and finishing little things for his room.

Love to all who have ambitious lazy days!

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