Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby's Room

Alright, so I technically finished the baby's room. I just have to finish the curtains (and by finish I mean start on!) and I have to finish the mobile... Yeah, I'm still working on that one, I might be almost done... We'll see.

I took pictures of the room, and kind of circled around, so I got the entire room.

I love his room. Shark tells people, The baby's room colors pretty much sums up my personality. I love his room, and am so excited for it to be HIS!!

I've got to do some little things still, like get a hamper, get bins for under the crib, curtains, do some decorations I can't make until he's born. Just some little things. I'm excited for Little Man!!

Love to all who love babies! ♥

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