Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Ugh. So lately have been all kinds of crazy.

Little Man is not behaving. I'm not sure I'm ready for the whole mother-hood thing if he's not behaving. My mom is probably going into some hysterical-evil-master cackle. Yes, it could probably be karma. But really, karma, already? I expected karma to hit me sometime in high school. He does make me giggle. He just rolls and kicks and moves and plays his air-guitar or air-drums or however he rocks out and makes my tummy bounce and ripple. Oh, and he kicks Shark already. It makes me smile that Shark gets kicked sometimes.

My Halloween costume still isn't done. We haven't even bought pumpkins this year! I bought Halloween candy today! I usually buy candy at the beginning of the month, eat it and then have to buy more. This year I controlled myself, which considering I'm 8 months pregnant it was really really hard to control myself when browsing the aisles of delicously priced Halloween candy!

Just recently (ok, so it's been about a month now) I've been snoring. And not like little snoring, like really snoring. Like going to town on those logs. Like waking Shark up with my snoring. Yeah, imagine that! Me, waking Shark up with my snores! I noticed a few months ago that my breathing at night has changed. Like for some reason, now I can't breath thru my nose, at least not really well. But I've woken Shark up a few times with my snoring. His family will laugh cuz he's the worst snorer of the family. They were all kinds of worried when we got married cuz he snores so bad, they were worried I wouldn't be able to sleep. Thank goodness I'm a heavy sleeper. I mean, our whole little family snores. Shark snores, I snore, Bandit snores, pretty sure Little Man will snore, too.

I've had a few projects totally tank lately. I ironed a velcro patch, totally melted it. I was almost done with the project. ugh. I used up 2 sheets of awesome color vinyl only to find I cut too deep and the vinyl wouldn't stick anyways. And some projects are just freaking taking FOREVER. Like there's no end in sight, but there HAS to be an end! I'm having a little wrinkly baby in 2 weeks. I need to finish my Christmas presents. It seems I have time to do all these little projects, like laundry soap, but no time to do the big things. I'm such a bum.

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