Friday, October 28, 2011

race ya

Ok, so when Shark is working (from Wed-Sat) for some reason, I subconciously stay up as late as I can. Not sure why, or how really, but for some reason I stay up late when he's gone. Last night was no different. I'm trying to finish up my Christmas presents before Little Man gets here.... Yeah, I'm sure it'd go lots smoother if I stopped added little random projects to my list.

Anyways, last night, I was ready to head down to bed, and I randomly asked Bandit if he was ready. {yes, I talk to my dog like he's a person... he guards the door while I'm in the craft room.} When I turned to pet him, he wasn't there. He wasn't down in the living room either. I figured he was outside telling the neighbor dog to stop barking. When I got down to my room, Bandit was already there, in his bed. He looked up at me, as if to say, Well, it sure took you long enough!

In preperation for Little Man's arrival in 12 days {gasp!!} I've been cleaning up things, and throwing things out. (NOT tons of work, just some lazy work, really) Well, I've been searching Pinterest for organization ideas. And really, that's all they will ever be, is ideas. Maybe someday when it doesn't hurt to sit in a chair for an hour or when I don't have to use the bathroom every 15 minutes, I'll find time to get more organized. I know I'll need to get more organized eventually. Right now, I just want ONE solid place to put all my mail. I've got random piles all over the kitchen and living room.

SO that is my goal. To put the mail in 1 spot, 1 box or basket. And then once a week, come up to the office/craft room, and divide it into the filing cabinet. So, my first step is to make the box where all my mail will go. I'm thinking that shouldn't be too hard. I'm planning on doing something like this Mail Organizer from There's A Hole In my Bucket. But I'm thinking, I might use one of the *free* Priority Mailer boxes I take from my post office. We'll see what I come up with. :)

And have I given a shout out to the public library lately? We're back on our roll of getting audiobooks by the bagload. Now that Shark can listen to them at work again, he's going to need tons of them. He's working that 12 hour shift and says he'd love to listen to books! So I went today and got a whole new load of books. Shark's been into the Wheel Of Time series. Longest. Series. Ever. Seriously, I just imported 1 book of 34 cd's! Yeah, total listening time of 1.7 days! Granted, he'll be done with it in 4 days of work, but still, that's a lot of listening!

Oh, so I learned  a trick. :) While up in my craft room, sewing a project and importing books onto my computer, I was listening to my iPod. I put my iPod in a bowl and it acted like a mini-speaker! It was awesome, cuz iPod's only go so loud, but putting the iPod in the bowl made it lots louder. I might have learned the trick on Pinterest or something, who can tell?

Well, my little dog thinks it's time for bed. Time to race him downstairs! Good night! ♥

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