Tuesday, April 10, 2012

love hate

Ok I've started to realize things are different here in Utah than they are in Wisconsin. I have found some things I absolutely love. There are also a few things I hate.


- Arctic Circle. Oh my goodness! You can get a freaking awesome little burger (with lettuce on it) for 79¢! I love it!

- over-the-top shakes. That ones a new one. I love them, although I cant seem to ever finish them.

- My husband. Yup.

- Fry sauce. The magical mixture that everyone says is just ketchup and Mayo but I know there's more to it.

- The mountains. Yeah sure Wisconsin has rolling hills, but Utah has mountains and they are wonderful.

- Drive-in movies. Sure, we never can seem to find the right kind of radio but drive-in movies are still way awesome. They are so much fun.

- Love Sac/Cuddle Cushion. Just a giant bean bag or some are filled with bits of memory foam. And by giant I mean just barely fits in the bed of Shark's Chevy. (Awesome at drive-ins.)

- Snowboarding. I know I got the snowboard while in Wisconsin but I never used it out there cuz I worked swing shift (it sucked) but once I moved out here, and met Shark, he taught me how and I love it.

- Going to General Conference. Sure I watched it on Tv, but going in person is so amazing. I absolutely love it, it is so awesome and so wonderful, just a beautiful expierence.

- I love being closer to everything, like grocery stores, gas stations, the library, the bank, church, the Temple. No more driving for an hour to get to church (we can walk across the street), or the grocery store (we're smack in the middle of 2 of them, same with gas stations.) Everything is so much closer, I love it.

- Grandma Sycamore's Bread. It's awesome. I'm not sure if it's just an "out west" thing, I never looked for it in WI. But it is so soft and wonderful. I love it. And I love that I found an outlet bakery that sells it for $1! Yup! No more $4 a loaf for this mama.


-Traffic. In Wisconsin there are 2 seasons, football and construction. And it is common knowledge, a rule, a law, everybody knows an follows it : in the construction zone you slow down. You slow WAY freaking down. So, it's totally new to me that apparently in Utah, drivers hold no regard for construction zones and therefore, do not drive the speed limit, at all. Yup traffic sucks.

Ok, so basically, it's just traffic I hate...

Ooh, and I hate that I didn't buy that industrial size double pack of Ranch from CostCo last month... I kept telling myself, "We don't use ranch that much, I shouldn't buy that cuz we won't really use it." HA! Then I bought a 4 pack of pepperoni pizzas and a 3-bottle-pack of buffalo wing sauce from BW3. What was I thinking not buying the ranch?!

Hindsight is always 20/20.

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