Thursday, April 5, 2012

Half a cow richer!

We got our tax return back, and we bought half a cow. Well, in processed meat. We got 300 lbs or steaks, roasts, and ground beef! My upright freezer is full!! I'm so exctied! Before we got the truck load of meat, I had to clean out our freezer.

Shark has apparently always worked for businesses that give out turkeys for Christmas bonus, which I don't mind in the least. The past few bonuses {not sure I'm spelling that right.} we've given away the turkeys, cuz I don't know how to cook a turkey, and I did NOT want to screw it up for my turkey-loving husband.

Well, last year, we got a turkey, and it was so happily just sitting in my freezer, until who knows when. Well, then we put in our order for half a cow, and I figured I needed to make room in my awesome upright freezer for those 300 lbs of cow coming my way. So I decided to try cooking a turkey. I had my paper bag and I started cooking my turkey. By the time Shark woke up that day, the turkey was done and then we were heading over to Shark's folks' house to have a nice turkey dinner. It turned out beautiful.

Anyways, I put all the other food from the freezer into 2 coolers while the freezer defrosted. Eventually, Shark went out there and hosed it down, and then dried it off. I bought some laundry baskets that fit my freezer, and thank goodness they were big enough to fit all the meat!

Yup. I measured my freezer, then went on down to Wal-Mart, and found some baskets that fit perfectly! Freaking awesome! Plus, now I didn't have to fit a turkey into one of those laundry baskets, cuz it really would NOT have fit with the cow!!

So yeah. Look at those awesome laundry baskets! I love these baskets, they have handles on all 4 sides, so they are made to be pulled and pushed on the long sides! Well, at least they are reinforced on the long sides. {And I checked them to make sure they don't get brittle when frozen, I know those clear shoebox totes get brittle and break when put in the freezer, that's why I went with laundry baskets.}

We're also in the process of growing our food storage. I just bought 25lbs of flour. Yup. I did that. And I put it in 1 of my orange buckets under my Christmas shelves. It fit, but my bucket is now shaped like an egg... I might need to open the bag and make it fit in the ROUND bucket. But I need to open the bag anyways, my 2qt canister of flour is empty. {I emptied it trying to find the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. I haven't found it yet, but when I do, I'll tell everyone!}

Anyways. That's what's been going on this week, us buying our cow. I really am so excited to go shopping in my own freezer. Shark grilled up some steaks and they sure are tasty!

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