Friday, April 6, 2012

Not dead!

Alright, so I'm not dead. I've just been hanging out. Last week I noticed Danger's cough had started again and gotten worse than before. So I took him into the doctor's office, because last time I was there, they told me it was RSV.

I am NOT freaking out, RSV is just cough that can turn into pnuemonia. I understand it, I'm not worried or scared. I know if not taken care of, RSV can become dangerous. But we've been taking care of it. Well, the RSV is back. He's been coughing and really just a snotface kiddo. Just like kiddo's should be, right? Not the coughing, just the snotfaced part. But we've been dealing with the RSV, and hopefully it's gone for good now. He still has a cough, but it's not like he's hacking anything up. He never had a temp so it wasn't close to becoming pnuemonia. (Right now he's snoring sleeping in his swing.)

Ooh, did you know I'm typing this on a mini computer? It used to be my sister Gwen's but she doesn't need it or something, so she sent it to us so Shark could use it, but right now he's sleeping, so he's not using it! I've kind of been dead to the world lately tho. I know that. With Danger being sick, I haven't really gone anywhere, or hanging out with anyone, especially anyone with kids. {I'm always grumbling about "that family" who brings their sick kids out and have them cough all over everything and everyone else!} I don't want to be "that family" so I just hung out with my little man here at home while he was sick.

I've decided that when he's sleeping, which he has been doing alot lately {I think he's growing again!} I am planning on writing things down. Blogging more. Hopefully crafting more. {I do have a quilt to finish....} I also need to start working on Christmas gifts... yeah I'm that lame, I start working on Christmas long before the snow starts falling! {HA, it snowed today! Ugh!}

So I have a project to post, I'll post it today once that post is done. 'Til then, see ya later!

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