Wednesday, April 11, 2012

nap trumps shower

So I'm that mom that picks nap over shower. Yup. I'm the one walking into the grocery store with the disheveled hair and sweatpants on. (Dry shampoo is a wonderful lifesaver!) I have been really good about not turning the Tv on this week (yes I know it is only Wednesday so its not a huge accomplishment) and I've been playing with my baby more this week. Peek a boo and Got hour toes. He's started laughing and rolling over which is awesome.

I do, however, make it a point to get dressed in jeans and not a pj shirt every morning. So just in case someone stops by or I have to make an emergency trip somewhere I took somewhat decent.

So yeah, that whole no TV thing lasted until today. Yeah, I kinda needed something to do while I was crocheting. And watching TV just is so easy to do while crocheting.

In fact, I've been crocheting some slippers for me. And I know I've been shady on getting things done but I am going to finish this stuff. I'll post pictures. (I did finish my crochet monkey for Danger, I just have to snap a pic and post it.)

I've been trying to be un-lazy lately. Going for walks and completing projects. It ends up working out, cuz I can bring my crochet projects with me when we go to the park and stuff. And if Shark puts Danger in the backpack, that means he's got Little Man and I get to just relax and hang out and crochet. I'm trying to bring it everywhere with me, cuz I usually always have a project I'm working on. Yeah, I am always doing something.

So yeah I'm working on fixing my laziness. Ack - So I've been participating in ten on ten, and I've been doing good for the past 3 months... but this month I totally slacked off. I tried yesterday once I remembered it was the 10th and I failed... I tried again today, and failed yet again. My life just isn't very photogenic.

I have come to realize that I lead a very boring life. It really is me and Danger playing all day. We just sit around the house and play games all day. We roll balls around, we sing songs, we dance to music, we take naps, we clink toys together. Yup, just me and him. I love hanging out with him. But the best days ever, are the days Dad is home. And we can play and giggle, and I can show Shark all his little tricks and ticklish spots. Tuesday we had a picnic as a family, over where we got our engagements and bridal photos taken. It was such a nice day, and we got to hang out as a family. It was so awesome.

That's why lately, even though I'm exhausted, nap trumps shower.

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