Thursday, June 24, 2010

No news really

So, I really have no news. This might be too much information, but since I have decided to give more details and more info about Shark and I, and less about work and junk. Well, I had a doctor appointment this morning. It was an appointment with the lady-doctor, to figure out what's going on. Ok, I haven't gotten my monthies since March, March was the last month I had them. I'm determined to get to the bottom of WHY. I've taken prenancy tests, so that is NOT IT! But I went to the doctor's this morning, and they told me for sure that I wasn't pregnant. They had me pee in a cup, which I put in a little cupboard, then closed the cupboard door, and left the bathroom. My room was right across the hall to the bathroom, and my door was open just a bit, and I saw 2 little boys go into the bathroom. So when the doctor asked about my sample, I said, well, it's in the bathroom, but I did see 2 little boys go in there, so honestly, I can't tell you where it is. The doctor and her assistant both laughed. Well, they figured out that I am NOT pregnant, but it could be 1) my putoitary (spelling?!?!) gland, 2) my tyroid or 3) my body hasn't figured out how to make the hormones it needs, afer being on birth control for a year and a half, my body seems to have forgotten how to work. But they drew 4 vials of blood, I hope that's enough to figure out what's going on! And then I tried to get an appointment 6 weeks out, but the schedule doesn't go out that far, so they'll call me with an appointment. But so far, they haven't figured out what's going on. That means, I'm still waiting!

Shark and I haven't been freaking out, cuz honestly, we've only been "trying" for about 2 months, and I know it takes alot longer than that if you're actually TRYING to get pregnant. The Dr told me that it takes most couples about 2 years when they are trying. I say, ok, well we're not really worried, I'm not freaking out or anything, we just wanted to know what was going on. So, I'm going to still be taking the folic acid (she said it was a very good idea to continue doing) and we're still going to try, but we're not really worried about it...not yet at least. ;) So yeah, that's the news, or not the news.

Also, Shark and I are being serious about getting out of debt. I know we're serious this time, cuz Shark is the one initiating it. Close those accounts, get that paid, take out all the money, pay with cash. I told him, that's what I've been needing, him to take the wheel and drive this bus! :) We laughed about it last night, and hugged and kissed. Last night was the first night ever that I felt we haven't been connected. But we were able to talk about it and get it all figured out, we reconnected. We were able to talk about everything that has been going on and how we feel, and our plans. We set out a game plan, a plan of attack, a stragety!! {I know it's really strategy, but that quote from Peter Pan is awesome!} A course of action, and I feel great about it. It just feels good to have a game plan. Like you have direction in your life, and that makes everything so much better.

Here is a picture of some baseball. Well, it's actually girls softball!

Love to all who still have to figure things out, rather than just ESP it... :)

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Way to go for being proactive about your own healthcare. Lots of people just sit on the sidelines just waiting for something to happen. Good luck! :) Mel