Saturday, January 15, 2011

Making things

So, Shark and I had a big dicussion about debt and money. So we came up with a plan. A plan, that really, we've had all along, just not come out and said it. At least I don't think we have... So, I am going to make a Game Plan board. Where we chart out the debt, how long until it's gone, where the money is going to go, and something big for each of us when we are out of it! Making things happen.

I was sorting thru my craft room. I found a whole bunch of gift cards in a box. I'm pretty sure these gift cards were given as wedding gifts. {Yes, that means we've been packing around gift cards for the last 2 and a half years...} Well, I called the numbers on the back, went to the websites and found the balance of these cards. We were pretty excited when I found $172 in gift cards! I found a Cabela's gift card, a Macaroni Grill. Applebee's, Wal-Mart giftcard and I found a coupon for free paint. So Shark and I planned a date day. We're heading down to Cabela's on Monday the 17th, because Shark doesn't have to go to school and he works at 5 that day. We're going to stop and get my free paint on the way down (I love FREE!! And I love paint!) then we're going to eat at Macaroni Grill. It's going to be a great day. Making plans.

One of Shark's friends is getting married. So I'm making them some wedding gifts. :) I love making gifts, but I love making wedding gifts. I love putting her new last name on something for their new home. I know how excited and how much I loved having my new last name all over my home. In my head, every new wife feels the same. :)

On Friday night, Shark went to the wedding reception for his friend. I didn't go, cuz I had to close at The Post. Well, I was turning off the highway, I was almot home, and while I was talking to Shark, he goes, "Can you do my a huge favor? Go and get a gas can and some gas, I'll start walking." He ran out of gas. Well, there is no short version to the story. The only gas can I could find was a 1 gal. Who needs 1 gallon of gasoline?! Really?!? Well, I went and filled it up, picked him up, and then we went back to the truck. Well, that 1 gallon of gas was just enough to get him to the on ramp. Not off the on ramp, just to it. So I went to get more gas, while he started pushing the truck. I found another 1 gal gas can in the truck and filled both up this time, it was enough to get him to the gas station. Then we went and got some IHOP. Thay have the All-You-Can-Eat pancakes. :)

Oh, and I found a box of walk decor. So i've been hanging that up all over the house. Here are the pictures from that!

Love to all who like being saved and like saving others. ♥

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Good luck on the debt reduction. If it makes you feel any better not even knowing how much you are in I bet I'm at least triple.

What's working for us is paying just the minimum on everything, except the one thing you are targeting (usually with the highest interest rate) and throwing everything you have each month at that one you are targeting...