Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Nap 4-11

Well, hello again.

Nap times are a cherished thing around here. Whenever Shark is around, he and Danger take naps together.

When Shark is at work, Danger naps while I try to do something around the house.

Keyword : TRY

Anyways, today here is what I tried to accomplish.

Taxes. We've had our taxes done for over a month... We have already got our Federal return back, but we had to mail in our payment to the State. Which means I had to print out our State forms, which I have been totally slacking on.

So I printed out our completed return, and got the check ready to mail out. Too bad the mail man came 20 minutes early today....

Taxes for next year. Yes. I know I'm a planner, but I'm not that good. This year, my taxes are going to be a little different. I need to prepay on my taxes for my babysitting job. So I had to print out those forms.

More forms. One of my goals is to write up a living will. So I printed out those forms today too. Shark and I will start working on those forms on his next weekend.

Christmas. Yes, I am already working on this year's Christmas gift. I've got it all planned out, expect for a few people's gifts. Shark has 2 months where he gets a 3rd paycheck. Those months are so awesome! And I've already been talking to Shark about how we are going to allocate that "extra income." Here's the plan, some of the "extra" paycheck from the 1st month goes to Christmas, and some goes to registering our cars. (We NEVER plan for registering our cars!) The 2nd month's "extra" income is partly going to Christmas and partly going to our trip this Christmas, we're heading back to WI for Christmas with grandma and grandpa.

Shark says he likes it when our Christmas budget doesn't hit our bank account all at once. It hurts the money bone much less when the Christmas budget hits a bit at a time. Also, it's one of my goals to make and keep a Christmas budget. :) We shall see.

Yeah - so nap time was good time for me. I like getting things figured out.

I'm also pretty excited about Christmas this year. I mean, I'm excited every year. I'm excited to get/make gifts for each individual person on my list. I love finding THAT gift for them. I'm also planning on making quite a few things for people. This year, I've planned to only get/make a few things per person. It seems like every year I plan to only get each person a few things, and I always end up going over the top. I keep finding things for them, so I keep buying things for them. I feel like I'm being a cheapskate for only getting people 1 or 2 things.

 But this year, we are trying to get out of debt and save money. So this year we're pretty freaking serious about sticking to our holiday budget. Sorry everyone, but it's going to be a few things this year, like 1 or 2. Seriously.

But you're probably going to like it. You better!

Like I said, I'm excited about getting presents for people! I find things specifically for YOU!

Yay! Anyways, that's been my day so far. Just chilling with my little guy. We've been dancing to all kinds of music lately. That little guy loves getting his groove on. Too bad he stops dancing as soon as I pull out my camera. I'll try to get some footage of it soon!

Love to all -

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