Friday, April 19, 2013

Thursday WHOA

Ok, so I know, I didn't post yesterday during his nap. I have a reason, not an excuse.

I was driving.

Shark's car died yesterday morning on his way to work.

I was driving down to pick him up and get things sorted out with the car.

And in order to get down there by the time he was off work : I had to leave at 4. So Danger slept in the car. While I battled traffic.

Now this is the Focus. The Focus that has done this before, has died, has fallen apart.... Yeah....

But this car is beat up. Shark drives it an hour to work and then an hour home 3 to 4 days a week. So yeah, if I had to do that, I'd die every now and then.

I'm tired of this car, but in reality, this car has been a trooper. It's been a blessing to us. We've had it for over a year and a half. It's a champ.

So I really am grateful for this car.

But I'm hoping Shark gets his motorcycle working again.

Anyways - so my nerves were shot yesterday.

I tried to take a tow dolly down - but I have never towed anything. Ever. So it freaked me out, and I was already nervous about driving down in traffic. So add a bouncy noisy dolly on top of a headache and rush hour traffic - and I was done before I even got started. I ended up calling the insurance company and taking the dolly back. The insurance company was kinda helpful. We at least got the car towed to a service center and off the road. But it's still far away, so Shark is getting a trailer today to tow it home.

It's just been kind of a big headache. Shark and I have both been in a mood lately.... It's been kinda crazy.

It always seems like, as soon as things start to work out, that's when everything falls apart.

Now, I know, it's not everything that's fallen apart, it's just the car thing. But it has potential to mess up all of our budget plans, and money plans. And we all know, once the budget is messed up, nothing else can flow properly.

So yeah - it's been that kind of day/days.

Here's to silver linings. :)

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