Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Nap 4.4

So, since I usually have Thursday free and I want to blog weekly at least, I figured I could put something kinda constructive into my Thursdays - rather than just watching TV and eating chips.

Danger's napping so the timing is perfect!

This past week has been pretty run of the mill.

We did kind of go on a spending spree. Ugh. I know.

I'm such a hypocrite! I sit here and complain about money and not being able to skrimp and save. But then we register the boat, get used tires on the boat trailer, we bought some (cheap!) seasons of Survivor, and I HAD to buy my Mother's Day present early.

Ok, the boat - I put it under Shark's Father's Day present. That boat has been sitting on the side of our house since we moved here. Not working. Every winter it fills up with snow and ice, then every spring it drains into the boat and thru it. He's excited cuz the boat works now! Yayay!

Survivor - I started watching Survivor again, and freaking fell in LOVE with it! It's so awesome and then I had to get Shark in on it. It's now a show we LOVE together! There are a few seasons on Hulu, well, once those seasons were over, we bought some seasons on Amazon Instant Video. Well - no more are left on AIV, so we had to buy some. You know, we HAD TO!!

My Mother's Day present this year is baby books. We only have 1 little guy, but I want all my kids to have the same book, and I don't have a baby book for Danger yet. Well, I have a beautiful 1st Year Memories book my aunt made, but I want books that have more than 1 year. The books I picked out are 1-5 years, they have a family tree page. AND these weren't too expensive, I've been looking at memory books for a while, and they can be anywhere from $16-60! I want all my kids' books to be the same, so I bought 4, we're planning on having 4 kids. :)

SO yeah....

Last weekend was fun. Friday night the whole family went to Wendover for a buffet. Shark's brother got free buffet tickets. So we all headed over Friday after Shark got off of work.
We got home around 2 am, so we slept in Saturday morning, and did NOT make it to any Easter egg hunts. Saturday was just an easy relaxing day. After Danger was in bed that night, I put some candy in some plastic eggs and hid them for the little guy. As soon as Danger figured out there was goodies inside and there were more than 2, he got so excited.

I picked the black and mint green suit for him for Easter. And he was such a stud muffin at Church.

At Shark's parent's house he played with bubbles and his bug magnifier. And he ate TONS of candy! It was a fun Easter for him! He's been pretty cute signing MORE and PLEASE all week!

We sure do love that little man.

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