Monday, January 17, 2011


So, I'm only pretty sure I'm addicted to the Netflix on our Wii... Facebook... and Blogger. Yeah. But only pretty sure. I was sitting there, watching the 2nd season of Cake Boss, when I got a text on my phone. {I knew it was a text cuz Optimus Prime told me to "Roll out!"} Well, it wasn't just any text, it was a Facebook notification. Saying a friend from CO {Jess!} posted something on her wall. It was a link to an article. About a non-Mormon lady who reads {well, can't stop reading!} Mormon Mommy blogs. Here is the link to for the article. And I of course started to read all the blogs she has named in her article. And I now cannot stop reading those blogs. Now I follow each of those blogs, plus my "usual" 20 blogs. Yeah... Too bad I'm not funny or really crafty. I mean I make stuff, but it's not really my idea... I did buy something today at IKEA, that IF my idea works, it'll be pretty awesome... Here's hoping!!

Ok, now if you need a laugh. Watch this. {Just remember to pause the music on the right-hand side!}

Even Shark laughed. Mostly at the Diversity part and the 18, clueless and baby-hungry part.

But my weekends have been pretty awesome. My Pack is 2 games away from the Super Bowl, and the Pats are out. Come on, Rodgers!! Woot woot!

Love to all who just have to go out and buy something, and all those who bleed green and gold! ♥

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