Saturday, January 22, 2011

Store credit!

So, I randomly get random texts on my phone. All the time. Last night as we were out to eat, I got this wierd little text from GameStop. The text said, Hey, if we're texting or calling you it's because you might have trade-in credit! So go to! So I did! And I found out I have $13 in-store trade-in credit!! WooHoo!! How have I not known about this?!?! Unlike Shark, who has no clue when or why I would have trade-in credit, I know exactly when I went in and got credit! I don't know the date specifically, but I know everything else. So are you ready?

It was our first Christmas together, 2008, and we had gotten a duplicate game from my family. But if you recall, I had my heart surgery in Feb of 2009 {yeah, it's almost been 2 years!! wow!}so we were all nervous and planning for that, plus Shark and I worked super hard while we were in CO, so we didn't have time to go trade it in. Gamestop wasn't really close to where we lived. So when I had the surgery, my mom and Shark's brother Kurt came out to visit and help me out. On one of our field trips, we went to GameStop. Kurt wanted a new game, and I found it the perfect time to trade in mine. Kurt found a game, but I couldn't find something I really wanted, so that's why I have trade-in credit still. And, maybe, since we can't find our MarioKart Wii game, and Shark's parents's game doesn't work, and I can't keep borrowing Angie's, maybe we'll put that credit towrads MarioKart Wii!! yayayayay!

Tonight is Whitney's 1st birthday! I'm heading to the party after work, Heather asked me to take pictures. So here goes. On to work, my friends. I'll post some pics tonight!

Love to all who have just discovered that I'm a gamer, and to those who knew it all along! ♥

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