Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So, last night I finally moved my tree out of my living room. When I say moved, I mean all I really did was move it downstairs inton an "unused" room. I did NOT take it down, I did NOT remove any of the decorations. I just took it downstairs. And this is where it will stay, probably until next year, unless we need to use that room. And my first thought when I finally got it down there was : Hmm, I guess now my family will be able to see my tree. :) {Cuz they are coming out to Utah in July!!}

Also, here is the set of shelves Shark got me for Christmas. I got him to set it up in my craft room. Oh, and with all my birthday money, I bought containers and bins for my shelves. Now I just need to organize all my stuff.

In my devious plans to decorate my house and keep it clean-ish, I wanted Shark to set up our little "couple's table" for the front window. Then I could rearrange my little cube shelves around, and get my tables organized in my craft room.

And recently, I found some cups at the Trading Post, in the colors ORANGE GREEN AND BLUE! I was so excited when I found these, that I had to buy them right away. These cups have been shuffling around our house for about 3 weeks or so. Well, then I found another set of hooks at the Post, but with 5 hooks instead of 3. So I switched out the 3 hooks from the bathroom downstairs for the 5 hooks, Shark likes hooks. And I took the 3 hooks upstairs, Cuz I wanted my cups on those hooks. My sister-in-law Heather, gave me a sign for our first Christmas, it says our last name and Est. 2008. I hung that sign in my kitchen, and underneath it, I hung my hooks and my cups! I love it! It looks like someone with decorating skill did it!

Oh, and a while back at the Post, they had these frames on sale for $10. Not really sure why I needed one of those frames, but I did, and so I got it. Right now, it is just a blank frame hanging on our wall. I have a few ideas, but I just need to get off the couch and follow thru.

On my Ikea trip a while back that reaffirmed my love-hate relationship with the store, I bought some awesome mirrors, that have been sitting up in my closet for a while, and neither Shark or I really felt a need to put them up. Well, this past weekend, I wanted those mirrors, and our picture up in our room. Shark kindly obliged and put them up! I love them! He's the best husband ever!

Shark went back to school last week, it's been a hard 2 weeks for both of us. Shark's weeks have been hard because he's been walking to school early in the morning for his first class, he stays at school all morning, goes to his 12:30 class then walks him to eat a sandwich and then drive off to get to work at 3, then stays late each night. My weeks have been hard because work has been riduclously slow and that means hours have been cut slightly, but that's not the hard part, the hard part is sitting around the house with Bandit. I've been doing all kinds of laundry and folding and putting away. But it's hard being alone, and it seems like everytime I get in the truck, I spend money, and we can't have that! So basically, my weeks haven't been that hard, just kinda boring. There are plenty of things for me to do, I jsut need to prioritize. :)

Love to those who are lost in their own boredom... ♥

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