Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nothing today

So, today I did end up making cupcakes. Shark thought they were pretty dang good. I made Devil's Food cake mix, then once the batter was in the cups, I put a dollop of cream cheese with chocolate chips (and some sugar mixed in) in the middle. While they baked, the cream cheese mix sank to the middle. They were pretty delicious. So delicious in fact, all I did was sit around and eat them.

I watched a whole bunch of movies on our Netflix. And, Shark's folks got me Salt for my birthday. So I watched that. It really does end abruptly, like right in the middle. Now, I'm just waiting for Shark to get home. I kinda don't like days off. All I do is sit around the house. At least last week I got some library cards. This week, it snowed, and I hate snow. No, I hate cold. I went out in the snow, to get stuff for cupcakes, but that is it!

Oh well, all I know is that my head hurts right now. And I think I am going to go lay down before it gets worse.

Love to those who like making cupcakes and to those who like eating cupcakes. ♥

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