Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Blog

So, I started a craft blog. Collard Greens & Homemade Things! Something for just baking and crafts. That way, this one can be more "family stuff.' In the event we have kids, I'd want this blog to go private. That's not happening YET so don't worry. But here is the link to the new blog : Could I make it any longer? I could have, but some of you might forget it! I'll still post on this one quite a bit, especially stuff with friends and, of course, any news. In fact, the craft blog is probably just going to be a duplicate of this one, but less kissing. :)

I wanted a place to go nuts with the crafting and cooking. I figured I'd get started on a craft blog now, that way I don't have to delete or change lots of stuff down the road. The craft blog is not tied to this one at all. No links, nothing. :) I hope you enjoy both the blogs I've got.

Love to all who like reading and doing. ♥

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