Thursday, January 27, 2011


So, last night, I was making my Manicotti (which turned out awesome by the way!) and my sister called. "DO YOU HAVE CABLE?!?!" No I don't, but I have Netflix, why? "CUZ SCOTT DANGERFIELD IS ON AMERICAN IDOL RIGHT NOW AND HE IS AWESOME!! Sorry I missed it Scott. But, I YouTube'd it and found it and even linked to in on Facebook.

Yes, that is him! I know him! I dated him actually. He went to my Junior Prom with me.

See!! Ta da!!

So anyways, I had to post about him, because he MADE IT TO HOLLYWOOD!! I think I might just watch American Idol this year.... :)

Love to those who follow their dreams!! Even if you have to steal Steven Tyler's lipstick... ♥

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Wow, I bet that was a surprise! How fun. That picture of you is very cute. You look so young! Of course you still look very young for your age.

the girl

We sell lots of vases and ribbon for weddings and I'm glad cuz then I get to talk about mine. A few days ago I was talking to a lady about her daughters wedding when she asked how long I've been married. I said we're coming up on 3 years. She said I was too young to been married for 3 years already. I told her I was 24 and she goes, Oh maybe not that young. LOL