Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yes Yes No

Ok, so today I went to the Weber County Library, I got a library card, helped a little girl find her mom, and an armful of books. I'm so excited!! In fact, I already finished 1 on the books I brought home. Yeah... Addicted, remember?!

I also went to the Davis County Library, and got a library card from them, too. Davis county has lots more eBooks and audio books on their site than Weber does. So that will help Shark out. He loves audio books. I brought home yet another armful of books.

So after 2 yes's today, I had a meeting with an Aflac agent, to discuss supplemental health insurance. {Basically, a premium is paid, and then during a hospital visit, the insurance company pays out a certain amount.} Well, in talking with the agent, we went over the underwriting, and apparently, you are supposed to answer NO to all the questions. Well, for each policy's underwriting, I answered YES to 1 question. "In the past 3 years have you been hospitalized for a consecutive of 5 days for congenital heart defect correction surgery?" Yes I have. How did they know?! They came out and asked me, and not in a general way either! It's like they planned it specifically so I could not get insurance!! Ugh!

Ok, so I know that's not really what happened, but it feels that way! Sometimes things just don't work out. But the supplemental health insurance was just for peace of mind, so I'm not so stressed about finances and money. We just need to make sure we budget everything, and if it's not in the budget, then we can do without it. Right?!

Now, on to craft night. I'll be sure to take pictures and post them when I get home.

Love to all who find being patient stinks and just because something is in the plans, doesn't mean it's what's going on. ♥

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