Friday, January 21, 2011


So, last night at craft night, we made these way cute LOVE frames. Super easy, and super cute. In fact, I was thinking of all kinds of ways to make them for ever season, until I fell asleep. :)

How cute is that?! Amy bought frames at Dollar Tree, and some tissue paper. We then Mod Podged on the frames and then scrunched up the tissue paper, so it is SUPPOSED to look crinkled and not straight! Then we added all kinds of cute details and embellishments!!

Yup. Way too cute! It just sucks that my bloggers is being a dork, and not letting me upload pictures correctly. What up Blogger?!?! Also, I just organized my photos and when I go to upload, the BROWSE doesn't reflect the changes/moves I made to my pictures!! Get with it!!

Pretty sure I'm in love with these frames. Now, I just need to find space to hang them....

Oh, and since my sister is now addicted to craft blogs, here's another one to try on. It's not really a craft blog, and I only found it 2 days ago, but she (whoever she is) has said something along the lines that she's not going to blog anymore. But seeing how it's a fake blog, I don't know if we can believer her or not. Seriously So Blessed!!

Love to all who come up with awesome ideas! ♥

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